Data Migrations in 2017 failed at an astronomical rate of 80%. 

While many core systems providers will tout the success of their legacy core system migrations, the truth is they are often full of delays, sometimes taking years to complete. 

Nieuwendam and Company recently became a full integration Partner with Simflofy, a sophisticated framework built with data and content conversion migrations in mind. 

Data Migration or conversion usually requires some type of ETL process, which requires huge data mapping exercises that can take months if Business & Data Analysts are not familiar with the data structure of the legacy system that the data is being pulled into the new system from. 

That coupled with sophisticated algorithms and the need to continue to service Claims, Add and Renew or Cancel Policies, Strategic Expansions and Product Enhancements all tend to add to the timeline. Simflofy does the ETL process in a completely different manner. 

Simflofy uses a series of automated steps to map known data fields in two or more data structures. The  video below is an example of a Simflofy Migration of Documents from Documentum to Alfresco. 

Simflofy has a 100% success rate with its migrations, delivering either on time or ahead of schedule in most cases. It is widely used by the Department of Defense, state governments and various Fortune 500 companies as well as insurance and financial sector companies to  migrate, convert and move documents, records, and data from one structure to another. To learn how you can use Simflofy for your next migration or in your day to day operations, contact us. 

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