Software & Great Applications always begin as an idea. A Vision. We used to draw our ideas on a napkin over lunch, fleshing out the grainy details of an extraordinary innovation. We like the simplicity of an idea, the breath of fresh air that you get when someone tells you in plain English, about an idea that raises the goosebumps on your arms with excitement.

Nieuwendam & Company believes that every application we build must be enterprise quality, highly extensible, and service oriented. We primarily use Java as our enterprise platform for development and utilize a service oriented approach to allow additional third party integration when needed. 

We get it. We’re dreamers too. We have built some pretty cool things, including:

  • A Medical Records Retrieval System
  • The First Bill Audit, Billing and Estimate System For Claims Billing with Third Parties
  • Designed the First Collaborative Service Driven Content Management System
  • Designed Content System For Auto and Commercial Vehicle Accident Claims. 

Let’s talk about your ideas. No tech speak, we don’t expect you to be technical. We just want to hear and share your vision and help you make it a reality. It’s that simple.