Call Center Solutions

We believe in making agent’s work simpler, organized and more enjoyable. We are convinced that this is the only way to achieve real customer satisfaction.

We help our customers to achieve this by making our software platform a simple and flexible solution.

Voice is still the main channel and virtually every company around the world deals with the voice channel poorly. The result is reduced sales and lost customers. With uContact that will not be an issue. Including inbound, outbound and blended calls, with Automatic Call Distribution we make sure every call is routed to a qualified agent.

Maximize caller satisfaction with exceptional call quality and customizable voice features.

Although voice is still the main channel of communication, many other have emerged in the past years and have become incredibly present in customer’s everyday life. Thus, the urge of integrating them to every business in order to improve a customer experience to retain clients, and to attract new ones. With uContact, you have every channel integrated in a single multi-platform software, using a unified inbox.

To be able to properly evaluate a contact center’s performance you should not only look at metrics but use other tools in order to have a proper analysis of all the agent’s interactions. The following, together with the metrics, give you a better insight to the quality and performance of your contact center.

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