Quibby  is a learning platform designed specifically for the Financial Sector and Insurance Sector IT Professional.

These sectors of the IT profession normally call for a more specialized approach to reporting and analytics, disaster and business continuity, and highly available networks that provide multiple levels of security and redundancy. 

Nieuwendam & Company are highly focused on educating technology professionals to the ever changing scope of data and how it affects the various business processes and decision making that goes into strategies that are designed to help companies not only grow, but gain a better understanding of their customers through social media reporting strategies, big data, and business process automation. 

Our courses cover only the best of industry standard best practices and are designed to give IT professionals a thorough understanding of financial and insurance sector technology trends and prepare companies for internal and external audits, whether they maintain their infrastructure in house or in a large data center, or potentially outsource it to a third party. 

Quibby Learning is a brand new learning platform. Find out more.